One of the statutory goals of the foundation “Stichting Internationaal Constantin Brunner Instituut” (ICBI) is to preserve the estate of the philosopher who died in 1937 in The Hague. the Netherlands. This includes part of Brunner’s last study, a number of art objects and ornaments he was attached to.

Aside from Brunner’s work, personal possessions and correspondence, the ICBI-archive also contains documents which provide insight into the way his ideas were received and reviewed by his contemporaries.

Numerous letters, books, photo’s and various other documents from Lotte and Leoni Brunner, but also from friends, admirers, and opponents are part of the collection. Documents therefore from people who had to leave Germany or lost their lives because of the political developments and atrocities in the years between 1933 – 1945.

Main sections of the archive:

–         Printed materials (approx. 1.500): books, publications, reviews by and referring to Brunner (also materials which only mention Brunner briefly);

–         Manuscripts (approx. 1.300): hand- or typewritten documents and commentaries by and on Brunner;

–         Correspondence (approx. 65.000): letters from and to Brunner (approx. 5.000); correspondence by members of the Brunner circles and of the ICBI (approx. 60.000);

–         Audio-visual archive: photo’s, drawings, audio-tapes, video’s etc. of members of the Brunner circles. See also “The Berlin Brunner collection”.

This website additionally includes academic dissertations and articles related to philosophical and psychological issues, international political and/or moral and ethical practices, and opinions of respected academics from across the globe.