Knowing How To Clean A Inflatable Hot Tub

Swimming is one of the most popular hobbies people have. It is a fun activity that provides an avenue to relax,exercise or even be used for therapeutic purposes. You can either go to a public facility to enjoy this activity or have one right at home. Either way,keeping the pool clean and sparkly should be a priority so as to avoid buildup of contaminants that are harmful to people and the pool itself. Every pool owner is required to follow the 3 Cs of pool care which are chemistry,cleaning,and circulation. The first step is ensuring you have the right pool cleaning supplies.

Skimming And Brushing

Before skimming and brushing,ensure you have a telescopic pole first as it will be used to attach the skimmer net. A skimmer net is the most frequently used and easiest tool to use while doing pool maintenance. Leaves,twigs,bugs,hair ties,and other debris often fall on the surface of the poolâ a net can scoop them all up in one sweep. This should be done daily to ensure the surface is debris free. After skimming,have a pool brush to clean the pool sides,steps and ladders. Run the pool brush over with some force to clear out grime.


This is meant for cleaning swimming pool floors. Depending on personal requirements and pool type,there are different pool vacuums available to use. You can use a manual pool vacuum or an automatic pool cleaner depending on what you want. For a manual vacuum,you will need a vacuum head,telescopic pole and a vacuum hose from where you can use it pretty much like a carpet vacuum moving it across the pool base. An automatic cleaner is more efficient and will definitely make things easier since it will basically clean the pool on your behalf as you sit relaxed poolside. A robotic pool cleaner drives around the pool base collecting any debris. The only drawback of this self-contained unit is the cost.


This is the last step to cleaning a swimming pool. You don’t want anyone having a good time swimming then have to worry about contracting a waterborne infection. This is why you must maintain right chemical levels. When checking water chemical levels,the two factors to note are the sanitizers and pH. Chemical application and the weather really affect the condition of the pool water thus the necessity of regular testing. You must always maintain proper pH levels to ensure the pool chemicals are effective. The preferred pH levels are between 7.2 and 7.6. Anything outside this range isn’t ideal and using a pH increaser or reducer can help bring the pool pH to the accepted range. Sanitizing chlorine tablets dissolve slowly releasing chlorine steadily wiping out bacteria.

In order to maintain a clean pool,you will need to combine your cleaning accessories with sanitizing chemicals and elbow grease that will guarantee a thorough cleansing of the pool water and its walls. By using the right equipment,you will have made the process easier on yourself and thus more likely to do it regularly. Click here to learn more or visit us at

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