The Berlin Brunner Collection

The Brunner bequests (though not complete) which initially were located at the New York Leo Baeck Institute’s archive and the ICBI archive in The Hague, Netherlands, were reunited again in late 2008 at the Jewish Museum in Berlin, Germany, in the German branch of the Leo Baeck Institute. So finally, most of Brunner’s research was brought back to Germany’s capital.

Another large portion of the Brunner circles letters and documents (the so-called Bickel-Brunner Archiv collection) is still located in Switzerland, at the Swiss Literary Archives in Bern.

The Berlin Brunner Collection

In 1933, Constantin Brunner had fled from Berlin to the Netherlands to live there in exile but the consequence was that he was able to take only limited parts of his intellectual and physical property with him.

Brunner’s last office in The Hague, where he was working in the period 933-1937, is still being preserved in part. The desk that Brunner worked at and some sculptures, paintings, and busts that were there are now located at the Berlin Jewish Museum.

Most of Brunner’s written work could be saved from the Nazis and was preserved in the Netherlands and some other parts of his work arrived at New York’s Leo Baeck Institute a little later. The ICBI kept most of Brunner’s more extensive work in The Hague where the collection was continually complemented with more documents.

Particular attention was paid to the collection of documents about the Brunner reception, bequests of Brunner’s family members Lotte and Leoni, as well as bequests of crucial persons from circles around Brunner.

The archive in Berlin where the collections were brought together includes numerous documents such as articles, books, and reviews of Brunner’s work and his family, many handwritten manuscripts, typewritten documents, and countless other documents relating to Brunner, his academic work and achievements, and his relatives, and his closest circles.

There are also quite a few letters that Brunner wrote or that were sent to him and correspondence of individuals close to him as well as some very interesting photos of Brunner and persons around him.